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**TALL PINES does not offer any Doe meat hunts***

Prices listed below do not include gratuity.
FORM OF PAYMENT CASH only!!! (Checks accepted for DEPOSITS ONLY)
$100.00 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking.
LODGING/MEALS/GUIDES 1 night = $50 per person
2 nights = $75 per person
No charge for children 10 and under
OPTIONAL Skinning & Quartering:
Non-trophy = $35 each
Trophy = $50 each
HOGS 0 - 100 lbs = $150
$1.00 per every pound over 100

*For those hunting ONLY hogs, there is a 2 Hog minimum required per group (not per hunter.)
(This just means that you must shoot at least 2 hogs on your trip.)
*The 2 hog requirement does not apply to those who are also hunting exotics such as Ram, Axis, Blackbuck, etc.
*This is a stand to feeder hunt, walk or stalk, or hunt under lighted feeders.
*Please keep in mind you will be charged minimum price for any animal wounded.
RAMS $600 and up
AXIS $2500